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Director Name

Dawn Locke

Strategic Issues

Areas of Expertise:

  • Federal workforce, including DEIA across the federal government
  • Human capital
  • Federal performance
  • Evidence based policy making
  • Interagency collaboration
  • Transition of veterans into the civilian workforce

Dawn Locke is a Director in GAO’s Strategic Issues team. She oversees work on federal workforce and government performance issues, including the future of work in the federal government, strengthening DEIA in the federal workforce, and improving human capital management and government-wide skills gaps. Her portfolio also addresses enhancing interagency collaboration, evidence-based policy making, and performance management as well as the transition of veterans into the civilian workforce.

Dawn joined GAO in 2001. She spent 17 years in GAO’s Homeland Security and Justice Team, where she managed reviews on justice and law enforcement issues, including work related to firearms, missing persons and unidentified remains, sexual violence, the incarceration of vulnerable populations, asset forfeiture, and the use of forensic technology.

Dawn earned a master’s degree in public administration as well as bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry and expository writing from the University of Washington. She works in GAO’s Seattle Field Office.

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