Tribal Advisory Council


GAO is in the process of forming its first-ever Tribal Advisory Council to provide insights and recommendations on issues affecting Tribal Nations and their citizens. GAO is now seeking nominations as it begins building membership in the new group. The Council will help guide GAO’s future work on vital and emerging issues affecting Tribal Nations, their citizens, and Indigenous people more broadly. Among other things, this may include informing GAO of emerging topics of interest or concern, helping identify relevant stakeholders to ensure GAO work includes a diverse range of tribal and indigenous perspectives, and providing advice to GAO on its processes for working with Tribes.

The Council will be comprised of up to 15 members including elected or appointed leaders from federally recognized Tribal Nations; an elected or appointed leader of a state-recognized Tribe and/or Native Hawaiian organization; and technical advisors who may be representatives of national or regional tribal or Native-serving organizations or subject-matter experts on topics relevant to Tribal Nations and Indigenous people. So that future terms will be staggered, individuals selected for initial appointment to the Council will be invited to serve terms of two or three years.

Nomination Information

Nomination materials should be submitted to; the nomination deadline has been extended to Friday, June 10, 2022. Required nomination materials vary based on the position the nominee is seeking to fill on the Council.

  • Nominees who are elected or appointed leaders of federally or state-recognized Tribal Nations should obtain a tribal resolution certifying their nomination. This resolution, along with the name of the nominee, their Tribal Nation, and their official role, should be provided to GAO in the nomination package.
  • Leaders of Native Hawaiian organizations should obtain a letter certifying their nomination from their Board of Directors. This letter, along with the name of the nominee and their official role, should be provided to GAO in the nomination package.
  • Technical advisors may be self-nominated or nominated by an individual or organization. Nomination materials should include the name of the nominee, the organization they represent (if applicable), qualifications, and/or a brief description of the nominee’s interest in serving on the Council.

For more information, see the Federal Register Notice, or contact Paige Gilbreath of GAO’s Natural Resources and Environment team at (214) 777-5724 or  or Chuck Young in GAO’s Office of Public Affairs at (202) 512-4800.

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